Monday, February 7, 2011

back from "Vacation"...

So we have spent the last 10 days in 2 different hotels. We first stayed at the Embassy Suites in downtown you say? Well it was for the most part. The bad part is having to drive (well to be honest S had to drive) Big A and little A all the way to school which is 30 minutes away in traffic. So it was early mornings, but that was made better by the awesome Embassy breakfast buffet! Big A was in heaven getting to have eggs and fruit every morning. The kids have also become fans of POG juice. (Papaya, Orange, Guava) We just call it pink juice and little A just drinks it up thinking it is princess juice.
Our week there went quickly. We walked around the mall, the main streets of Waikiki, went to the zoo and ate every meal out (YUCK)! It gets very tiresome deciding which place the kids will eat chicken fingers or mac and cheese at. They saw a vegetable and gobbled them down...I think they were a bit deprived of vitamins!

The second hotel we stayed at was the Turtle Bay Resort. I highly recommend it! It was beautiful and the people we super nice, the rooms was clean and big. Breakfast was tasty but expensive and dinner was good but we had to eat the same place both nights because it was the only place to get something for the kids to eat. Dessert was fantastic though!
We only spent 1 full day at the resort. We arrived Friday afternoon and played at the pool and watched the sunset. Saturday we got up had breakfast...mmmmm good, and then went to the beach. You get one hour of snorkeling included with your room. So S and big A set off to explore and see what they could find. A seemed to enjoy it and could actually do it. He now insists that we buy him his own "gear" so we can snorkel anywhere at anytime. I went out for a few minutes after the boys came back in. Lots of fish out and the water is pretty clear. The surf was rough so it was a little cloudier than I think it usually is.

Speaking of the wasn't even as big most winter storms make it. The waves were amazing to watch. The resort was hosting a paddle boarding world tour so there were guys out there giving the guests a preview of the event. They are so crazy! They basically surf of the waves while paddling to keep themselves going. INSANE!!!

Sunday we got up to a rainy morning but that didn't deter the boys from using their free hour of snorkeling. They headed out while little A and I sat under and umbrella on a lounge chair. They didn't last as long this morning but S said they saw a lot more fish, still no turtles but we will come back to find them!

So now we are happily back at TLF on base. (never thought I would say happily!) It really is nice to know that we don't have to pack everything up for a long while. That is the bad part too...we don't have to pack for a long while because it doesn't look like we will have a house for a while still. Hopefully the end of March or early April. Trying to no think about it to much. The kids are happily adapted to staying here and they are glad to have beds to themselves again. It is also nice to not have to play the where are we going to eat game...we are going to eat right here in the room!!!!

here are a few pictures of the Resort.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a good time at Turtle Bay - it sounds beautiful! And also glad you're now able to have some stability for awhile in one place. (But hoping you'll be able to get out early!!)