Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ambulances, staples and turning 30 OH MY!

What a week!

Big A got a ride to the hospital in an Ambulance, get 6 staples in his head and recieve what will be a gnarly scar. Darn you playground equipment! He was running with his head down under the stairs to the slide and WHAM! his scalp made contact. He left a 7 inch gash in the top of his head that required an ambulance ride to the trauma hospital in Waikiki. All the doctors and nurses were great and it was a decent ER. They put 6 staples in his head and sent us on our way. He seems no worse for wear and is recovering well and will not sit still. He wants to go tackle and play sports and we have to tell him why don't you sit down and relax for a bit.

At the end of the week I turned the big......30!!!! Oh my! It wasn't as dreadful as I had imagined. We got up went to breakfast here on base and sat outside to see the water. Then we hit the road and headed to Haleiwa in the North Shore. We had lunch at Kono's and our first Shave Ice's at the famous Mastumoto's! The kids shared a rainbow, I had a coconut flavored snow cap with ice cream and aszuki beans on the bottom. It was so good. The beans not so great and I will most likely not get them again, but had to try it at least once. I highly recommend the snow cap (condensed milk) it was AMAZING!!! I am craving another one right now.

We headed back home and got ready for the babysitter to come over. WHOOO HOOO we got a babysitter! First time out without the kids since we have been here. It was much needed. S and I went and had a nice quiet dinner at a Thai Restaurant in Pearl City. It is in a pretty sketch area but the place was gorgeous inside, the food delicious and the service impeccable. It is called Souvaly Thai. I highly recommend.

After dinner we headed to our friends the Bakers for "Pipes and Poker". We had so much fun meeting some of the other couples in the squadron and just being out and with good people was the best present of all. Jen had a great cheesecake with Happy Birthday candles in it and they all sang and I felt silly...and the cheesecake was homemade goodness. We stayed out laughing, drinking and carrying on. Best 30th birthday ever! Mainly because I got to spend it with my loves, and with some great people.

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  1. Glad the boy is doing okay, and that you had a great 30th birthday!! Miss you guys!