Friday, February 11, 2011

I want to go HOME!

So yeah I am going to vent, since my husband is on a mission and can't answer his phone, my mom is not answering hers and no one else will pick up I am turning to the blog world to VENT!

I want to go home. I mean my home, my things, my place to call my own. Not my parents house or really the house in Charleston. I just want to go to someplace that is mine. I thought, stupidly, that this move wouldn't be so bad. I could handle living in a hotel for 2 months with 2 kids. Well it hasn't been terrible. The kids have adjusted and call the hotel home. But today I go to the housing office and they tell me that the houses we were slated for won't open until April/May and that sorry you are probably too far back on the list to get one now. What happened is the people that were in 6 month leases will be in front of you. So I say "well what does that mean for a move date?" Maybe in June or July when the other renovated houses open up. WHAT THE F#*K! Where the hell am I supposed to live until then?

The base hotel we are in will only let us stay till the end of March...and even that is on a space available basis. We thought we had a reservation in April but they said that isn't because it is all Space A because we exceed what they have for PCS moves. HOLY where do we go after March? I have no idea. A hotel I guess where we pay 200 a night out of our own pocket to live.

Get a rental house you say. Oh we have thought of that. We only brought one car because we were told 2 months for a house. S can ride his bike from anywhere on base to the squadron. No need for 2 cars. Plus now we don't have a car payment, gas, insurance of maintenance to budget for. If we move off base he would have to have his own mode of transportation. He alerted at 4:45 this morning. You think I would be getting up with 2 kids to take him 20 minutes to the base and then drive back. He couldn't just take the car because well I have 2 kids to get to school. Not to mention that if we move off base we would have to switch schools again and we just got them settled in their new schools. So that isn't going to happen.

So yeah I am pissed and have no one to talk to, so I came on here and vented. I really don't feel any better and I still want to go home. Oh and on top of that the poor dog is with my parents and losing weight because she is depressed and needs to come out here because we feel bad taking advantage of my parents generosity in keeping her. They signed up for 2 months of dog sitting, not 6.

So if anyone has any great ideas on what we should do, let me know. That doesn't involve moving off base and paying out the ying yang for rent, buying a car and having payments, insurance, gas and maintenance to worry about, making the kids switch school again, I am open to them all. Maybe I can pitch a tent on the beach or on the side of the road like the other homeless people do.

Bottom Line: I WANT TO GO HOME.

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