Monday, October 22, 2012

football, pumpkins and the beach.

We had a busy weekend!! So much fun when there is so much to do to make the days go by just a bit faster.
tough football face
Saturday Big A had his second football game. Go Steelers (said in best supportive mom voice, I don't understand why this game is so popular!) Then I went for a treadmill run, then to a birthday party and then when we got home I decided, you know what sounds like fun? I'm going to move all the furinutre downstairs by myself! Yes, this is a great idea!! Until about 2 hours into it and I realized I had no neighbors or husband to help me move the tv....I got done, but not my finest hour or hours.... I do like the new set up though. So there is a positive!

pumpkin cannons
Sunday we woke up excited for a fun day!! Our greatest island friends the Rogers, met at our house. We piled all 4 kids and paraphernalia into the car and off we went to the Waimanalo County Farms Pumpkin Patch. WOOOHOOO!!! There is nothing like a view of the Pacific while pretending its fall and walking around rows of pumpkins. It did end up being a bit overcast and breezy which was a nice change from last year when it was blazing sun and no wind.

look hay..its fall!
so handsome
a real life pascal!
my pretty baby girl
We bought tickets and off the kids went wanting to do this or that. They shot ping pong balls out of an air cannon, trying to hit pumpkins and tires. They painted pumpkins, held a chameleon, sat on a tractor and caused ran like wild children through the pumpkins. In simple words..they had FUN! We picked up some country lemonade and hayride mix (roasted,salted peanuts with candy corn) try it, tastes like a snickers bar. Delicious!
hayride mix..yum

view from the fields.

And where do you go after the pumpkin patch you ask. THE BEACH of course. We headed over to Bellows AFS to play in the waves. The kids had a blast with Anastasia and I hung back in the shade and let them play. We even had the budding of a romance that kept us giggling!

After playing at the beach we met our other husband-less friend and her girls for dinner at Gyu-Kaku. Its a Japanese BBQ place where you cook your own meat. I love paying to make my own dinner. We had some issues and were finally seated and enjoyed a meal with our children. By the time we got home it was 9 on a school night so off to bed the kiddos went and I wasn't too far behind!

What a whirlwind weekend! Wonder what kind of trouble we can get into next weekend :) Hope everyone had a great and eventful weekend too!

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  1. football and the beach. my kind of combo. great pics. miss you guy.