Friday, July 13, 2012

catch up part 2

S and I with the Itty BITTY plane that took us 
to the glacier.
the girls on a boat!
*Alaska.....after being home for a few days and celebrating our anniversary S left Alaska to participate in an exercise. He would be gone for 3 weeks. I figured this was a great excuse to go up there and hang out for the last week. My mom was able to come out and watch the kids so that I could go alone. I landed in the beautiful 49th state and instantly fell in love with it. The sun was shining the air was cool and fresh, the scenery was amazing. An added bonus to getting to see my husband, and Alaska, was getting to see my friends from Charleston that are lucky and get to call Anchorage home. We had fun hiking (and getting pushed down a mountain), riding trains (which included a photo shoot), taking a boat tour with whales and all! S and I had a great time taking a day trip to Talkeetna at the base of Denali State park. We ate, walked, explored took a plane tour of Denali and landed on a big deal! 

It was an amazing trip and I cannot wait to get back up to Alaska and experience the winter fun. 

*After being home for 2 days (S was home for 1) we left for a whirlwind tour of the East Coast. This was to drop S off at the WIC program but we made the most of it. My mom again stayed with the kids so we could go alone. We made stops in Philadelphia, New York City and Boston, then traveled south to Charleston for a few days. It was a fast trip and all we did was eat, eat and eat some more! My kind of vacation! Charleston was the same as ever and the best part of that was I got to see my Best Friend! A came down from Charlotte and we got to have dinner and go to a movie as soon as I arrived in town. We got some more shopping time in after I had lunch with another dear friend and her babies. Sushi is always better with friends! We spent time with family, friends and ate some more :)
At the top of the Empire State Building, and at lunch in Boston before a tour of Fenway Park.

S and I flew to ATL together and that is where we said our good-byes for the next 6 months. I was a mess when I got on the plane. I know this is for a good reason and that in the long run 6 months is nothing, but it still hard to say good-bye.

The kids are good. Busy as ever. School starts in two weeks and they are excited. So am I! HA! 

So there you have it. The last few months in a nut shell. I will try and be a better blogger. But most of you read my happenings on Facebook or Instagram. 


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