Monday, September 19, 2011

Air Force's 64th Birthday Ball

Last Friday was the AF Ball here in Hawaii. It was the Air Force's 64th Birthday Bash! It was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. We had a really good time, there were tons of people and even more speeches it seemed like. There were some very moving moments.

The guest speaker was Chad Hennings, he is an USAFA graduate, A-10 pilot and football player in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys. (personally all this meant nothing to me...he had some really cool super bowl rings though). His speech went on and on, and yes I know it was rude, but I started playing Angry Birds on Steve's phone. I just couldn't sit there and pretend to listen anymore!

The food was as expected...ehh. The company was FANTASTIC! Someone pulled some strings (thank you BB) and got us sat at a super awesome table with super awesome people :) ahem love those crazy Baker's! After all it is all about the people you are with. We drove with our other favorite people the Moree's and endured the 50 minute drive to go 11 miles. Yep nothing like traffic on a Friday night in Waikiki. Blah...we survived and made it there in time to buy $10 cocktails. :)

We decided to get prom (err professional) pictures taken. I hate taking pictures, especially when I don't feel confidant about my appearance and well this was one of those nights. I am already shopping for next year's dress. Trying to find something decent to wear (and have fit) here on the island was not a easy task. Many people had the same dress on. I didn't see anyone wearing mine so at least that was a plus. A major minus---I had to pay FULL price for the damn thing. You know that wasn't easy for me! I scoured Ross (all 5 of them) looking for something to wear and couldn't find anything. I ended up buying my dress at Nordstrom. I did get my shoes at PayLess so that made the blow a little easier. All in all it was a fun night, and I can't wait till next year. Here are the "prom" pictures...please don't judge too much!

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  1. sounds like fun! the USAF ball here is this weekend but we arent going. :o(