Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thinking Thursday

So I went for a run today (YEA) and I forgot my ear buds (epic FAIL) so I spent my time on the treadmill thinking, and thinking and watching a little food network, but mainly thinking of random things.

  • Why doesn't the Community Center have blinds on the windows? I don't really like staring into the sun while running.
  • Why is it that when the kids are little you want them to so badly say "mommy" and then they learn it and all you want them to do is not say it at all? Only so many times I can handle hearing "mommy,mommy,mommy" in all sorts of tones, and whines.
  • I wish I could go take a shower/pee/think with the door shut with out a child banging on it having a major kid meltdown
  • I miss S., le sigh
  • I LOVE living in Hawaii, but hate that life catches up to you here too. Just like any other place.
  • Hickam Communities customer service sucks.
  • Why is this run taking forever...ack I have only done a MILE???
  • What would it be like to have a husband who works 9-5 and doesn't travel?
  • Why can't adults go to summer camp? I am uber jealous of Big A being at Tennis Camp all sounds like so much fun!
  • I really wish all the homemade ice cream I have been making was fat free, but alas using whipping cream and whole milk makes it taste better ;)
  • what will I do when the kids are both in school? Get a job, sit on my ass, volunteer?
  • I don't want little A to go to school...I want her to stay home with me. Wait did I really just think that? The run must be making me crazy :)
  • how come the picture of the Fat Lady on my fridge isn't keeping me out of it at night..or during the day?
  • I am so happy I can watch at least the first 4 Harry Potter's with the kids. Fun for the whole family!
  • I really need to take some pictures of the house and post them on the blog.
  • why does S always want to go on a vacation to the beach...we live at the beach!
  • Can I make this vacation to Europe next spring actually happen? Thoughts of eating pizza in Italy, Beer in Germany lots of alone time with my hot husband....I will leave it at that.
  • Yea Miley gets here in a week!!! Got to buy pet supplies.
  • is this run over yet? Only half a mile to go!
  • UGH why do I always feel so nasty after a run, and all the bloggy running people say they feel so good...I bet they are full of it.
  • Did I enough to have pizza for lunch? hmmm maybe I will do a few weights just in case.
That is most of the randomness that ran through my brain during a 40 minute run. I think tomorrow I will remember my ear buds so I don't have to go through that again! HAHA

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